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The “Salon du Midi”: the memory of the Château

The “Salon du Midi”, restored in 2002, is situated in one of the wings of the Château constructed in the 18th century. This room offers an interesting extension to the discovery of the park of the Château d’Acquigny, with display cases containing objects tied to the history of Normandy and of the Château.

In this miniature museum, a glass case contains two documents displaying the transformations of the park and of the surrounding countryside throughout the centuries. A watercolor from 1832 presents a landscape of pastures and vineyards on the surrounding hills. Following the decline of the textile industry in Louviers and Elbeuf, as well as the appearance of an illness caused by “oïdium”, plant decease, and these surroundings disappeared with the abandonment of sheep farming and grape-growing on terraces. With this background, one can see that Acquigny truly deserves its nickname as the “House of Fields”. A plan for the French park, designed in 1784 on the eve of the creation of the Romantic park, reveals a park that was centered on the Château’s axis of symmetry, close to nature and in harmony with the Eure valley.

The display cases also contain ancient porcelains and earthenware, a plate of coach painted with the coat of arms of the Roux d’Esneval family, and nails of spectacular dimensions found in various frameworks of the domain. The different objects displayed attest that until the 19th century, Normandy was a region notably containing important metallurgic and glass-making industries scattered throughout the province.

Other points of interest: two roman pipes coming from the village and a picture of a German soldier painted on the wall by Harry Wonterra, reminding us that the Château was occupied by World War II troops from 1940 until Christmas of 1945.





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GPS Details : 49.173 ; 1.187
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A154 : exit Acquigny
A 13 : exit Louviers n°18
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Train stations: Evreux, Rouen and Val de Reuil

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Opening hours

From the first Sunday of April to the last Sunday of October :

Weekends and Holidays 2 pm - 6 pm

July 14 to August 31 :

daily from 1 pm to 7 pm

Guided Tour around the Château at 3 pm and 4:30 pm

Plan at least one hour and 45 minutes to enjoy the beauty of the gardens. Two hours and a half is ideal.

You can visit the park and gardens, the “Salon du Midi”, the Orangery and and the cider-press house.

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